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The World is looking for new hero in Green Energy Technology, and there is a new guy in town. After long years of working to find viable energy from cold fusion, Andrea Rossi and his mentor Sergio Focardi, have brought the world the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. Technically, it is a Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction, and not actual fusion. What is the E-Cat and why is this energy source different from the way the world has been obtaining energy from the beginning of history?

The usable energy we get is in the form of heat. The process is very straightforward. You have some kind of fuel, for instance wood. You use a catalyst, that is the thing that initiates the process, like a match, maybe add some straw, that starts the fuel to burn and it produces heat (energy). We use coal as fuel. We use Gasoline or other combustible liquid or chemicals as fuel.
With these processes, you can only produce a specific amount of energy with each kind of fuel. You keep needing more fuel, to produce more energy.

There are two problems with this process. One problem is that there are limited amounts of fuel, when used in this way, they are gone, and their supplies become depleted. An adjunct is that it is also quite costly to find and process these kinds of fuel. The other and worst problem in using expendable fuel is that in the process of converting our fuel to energy, we also create a number of extremely harmful environmental pollutants. In fact, this is so bad that we are destroying our earthly environment. As the planet dies, so will all the living creatures here and that means us.

Cold fusion and Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, create “excess heat,” that means more heat than you would normally get from just using the fuel to produce heat. Obviously, if that is possible; then if nothing else, the process conserves fuel. It is it possible to produce “excess heat” because the fuel is only used as a catalyst to initiate the process. It is the Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction that creates the energy produced. This is what the Energy Catalyzer does. Mr. Rossi states that his reactors can self-sustain, after the fuel input is disengaged. However, they prefer to keep the input, to maintain a stable continuity in energy output.

The Energy Catalyzer uses a process called Nickel Hydrogen Fusion. There is a specially build pressurized reactor. It is shielded by lead and boron as well as the coolant water capsule. Varying the pressure inside the reactor controls the strength of the reactions. Nickel powder along with pressurized hydrogen gas is the fuel input. When these along with the contributing (secret) catalysts, are heated, nuclear reactions begin taking place. Much of the original nickel is transmuted into copper and trace amounts of other base elements such as iron and zinc are left.

Throughout numerous testing, the device has consistently produced 10 kilowatts of heat power, while consuming a very much smaller amount. The first “public” test was in January 1011. Rossi had stated, that the E-Cat was capable of generating 15,000 watts with just 400 watts input required. In this test the same output was achieved but with only 80 watts of continual input. In addition, they have had one reactor running continually for two years, providing heat for a factory. It reduced the factory electric bill by 90 percent. The E-Cat team is currently manufacturing 1 megawatt plants composed of 125 modules. These modules should be ready to begin shipping by the end of October 2011. They expect to unveil one of these new plants in the USA earlier in October.

As with any new process, everyone is scrambling to know the secrets behind how it works. In order to protect their life’s work, Dr. Rossi and Professor Focardi, have needed to be wary of dispelling the doubts and criticisms of their colleagues in the scientific community, by offering too much explanation. Once a process is “discovered” by others, it is simple task to add a small change and produce something similar, evading any protections the actual “Inventor” may have had. Thus, their mission is not to prove anything to their critics. It is only to produce a viable energy source that can produce clean, reliable green energy to help free the world from its current energy problems. The scientific community may be dubious, or even jealous, but the rest of the world is grateful.

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